Cook with Natty

A recipe has no soul. You as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe

Thomas Keller

I finally did it. I started this. Its been years in the thought process. I ask you to be patient with me and give me grace. I ask for (constructive) feedback. If you know me, the main hurdle for me not starting this is that I do not use recipes nor do I like to write down what I am actually doing.

My brain doesn’t work that way. Maybe as a Special Education teacher I can empathize that it just does not compute. When people ask “but how do you know?!” my answer typically is, I just tasted it and knew. Or I fixed it. It is not always perfect, but it usually comes out imperfectly perfect.

Years ago, I tried Blue Apron. I thought this was going to be great, follow the recipes, cook great food, etc. I literally could not read and follow the recipes, and would inevitably mess up each meal somehow. I even would read them out loud to whoever was there– and they would still be messed up.

So, my hope for you is that I am clear enough, but also help you develop your own intuitiveness and instinctual nature in the kitchen– that when you read one of the “recipes” and you don’t like X ingredient, you substitute Y, and comment as to why you did that and how delicious it was!

Let me know what you would like from me, I hope to provide quick tips, helpful tools, and some great meals along the way to make Life Taste Good.

Much Love, Natty